Map to Find the Rustic Rim Hideaway Cabins
Rustic Rim Hideaway Cabins

Forest Lakes Area 4x4ing

There are endless forest roads behind our cabins and in the surrounding areas for hours of cruisin' and enjoyment!

    ATV'ers, from the Coconino County Sherriff and the Forest Service Law Enforcement:
  • ATV's that are off-road licensed CANNOT be driven on subdivision streets or forest roads.
  • Road license plate is required for operation on public roads including forest roads.
  • Liability proof of insurance card is required and must be carried for the ATV operated on public roads including forest roads.
  • The driver needs to have a valid driver's license (those under 16 cannot operate).
  • Any ATV with a Motorcycle License Plate must have a driver possessing a valid Motorcycle Drivers's License!
  • Your ATV must be street legal (rear view mirrors, horn, muffler, headlamp, tail light, stop light, license plate light).
  • All persons are required to have eye protection.
  • Those under the age of 18 are required to have helmet and eye protection.
  • Parents should be aware that under ARS 28-3474, they can be held accountable for the minor's operation of ATVs.
  • Apache Sitgreaves Off-Highway Policy (i.e. off state highways).
  • Heavy ATV use is also causing "off-road" restrictions. Call the Black Mesa Ranger District at 928-535-4481 for current off-road restrictions.
  • Coconino County Sherriffs and Apache Sitgreaves Law Enforcement Officers are enforcing these regulations due to the large number of ATV related problems, so please carry your appropriate licensing, insurance, documentation and equipment!
  • New! Off-Highway Vehicle Decal - A new off-highway vehicle decal is required to be purchased each year for operation of any vehicle operated on unimproved roads, trails and approved use areas not suitable for conventional two-wheel-drive vehicular travel. Examples include: All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), trail motorcycles and dirt bikes. This does not apply to pickup trucks, SUVs, cars and other recreational vehicles. For more information visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website.
We do not have any ATV rentals anywhere here, but you will find several ATV rental businesses using the Metro Phoenix Yellow Pages. In the interests of our cabin guests looking for quiet and solitude, we ask that you do not ATV here at the cabins other than departing and arriving! There are plenty of trails in the adjacent forests to offer you an enjoyable time!

We understand that one place to rent ATV's from is Rocko-Rentals near Cave Creek and Sweetwater.

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